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I'm not a theif
I'm a treasure hunter.
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16th-Dec-2010 11:01 pm - *friends only
-I add EVERYONE. If, by chance, I do not accept your request, please do not try again.
-Comment on my entries, and I do mean more than one. Commenting on just one won't cut it. Sorry.

WARNING: I'm not always nice. I talk about people in some of the entries, and sometimes you may know them. I don't care if you do or you don't. I don't always have the courage to tell people exactly how I feel about them, and that's pretty much why this journal was created. K?

Note: I'd prefer that you not add me if you personally know me, but there are exceptions and that's only if I don't know you well, or you already know just about everything about me.
See xxwhenitrains as an example. <3
4th-Nov-2008 08:09 pm - I Won't Let Go
i won't let go
ryan/spencer, kind of.
character death
684 words

pictures fade away...Collapse )
17th-Jul-2008 01:54 am - love isn't always happy [1/1]
dedicated to: makeapanicscene because she asked for it :D
summary: When I first met you, I never thought I’d feel this way. For me, it was like love at first sight, even though you looked straight through me. You looked so beautiful sitting there under the tree in the snow. You looked lost, kind of like you wanted to belong somewhere, but had no where to go. I wanted to approach you that day, God did I ever. I just never had the balls to do so.
7,465 words

beautiful in blueCollapse )
Title: You're All I've Ever Wanted, All I've Ever Dreamed Of.
Rating: NC17
POV: Third, Brendon.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Jen is santixcore and she owns herself, the facts about her, and her her brother.
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Mason [I know it's a weird pairing, but please give it a chance]

“Then who the hell do I blame? It sure as hell wasn’t MY idea to move my ass all the way to fucking TEXAS. What’s here for you, mom? A job? No. A life? No. A boyfriend? Oh! I believe so! One you just happened to meet online which you, of all people, should know isn’t safe! It’s like your contradicting yourself in every way now!” Brendon screams, tears now falling down his cheeks. “You can say it’s not your fault, but if I were in Vegas right now my boyfriend wouldn’t be in the hospital and I wouldn’t have just made the biggest mistake of my life.”

A/N: Italics are the thoughts, exception of the flashback. It's over 7,000 words and I've been working on it since March. I'm just really glad it's over! I know the Brendon/Mason is weird, REALLY weird, but I'd really appreciate it if you read it. (:
Dedications: santixcore. makeapanicscene for betaing. and xxwhenitrains just because.

I want you so bad.Collapse )
16th-Jun-2008 03:57 pm - for everyone to see (:
so I really hate it when people complain about their lives constantly. and what bothers me even more is when people complain about their lives, yet they get everything they want. they're spoiled and they're almost never told no.

maybe I'm the only one that feels this way, but I don't know. yeah, I know I may complain about my life and the way it is every so often, but I'm not constantly talking about the down sides to it. my life is pretty great, honestly. I have amazing friends and honestly that's all I need. I may not get everything I want, when I want it, and I may not even ever get it. but I appreciate what my mom CAN do for me and what she does do for me because I know that's she doing her best. especially when I ask a lot of her 98% of the time. I'm always asking for something new or money to do something with, but it's not like I always get it, nor am I expecting to get it always.

but people who get EVERYTHING and get to do EVERYTHING they want and they still complain just bother me. if you get what you want and you always get it, why the fuck are you complaining? there are people who have it worse than you, and all you do is sit there and tell the world how bad your mother treats you, or how your friends don't understand you, or something like that. every once in a while, yeah that's understandable, but constantly? that's a little too much.
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